Monday, March 3, 2014

February's Highlight Reel

March has come in-- lamb-like so far, but
freezing stuff in the works for this afternoon.
What better time to review the thrills of February.
And all of this happened since the last snow!
Evan knows it's time for spring training for baseball.
And his one-handed swing sends the ball wrapping
around the dogwood limb!

For my next trick . . . .

Meanwhile, Claire whips up a little something
special in the sand pile kitchen.

You put your left foot out and you shake it all about!

Hmm.  Evan hasn't tried this tire swing before, but
I think he's found the best way to propel himself.

Anybody want to play "King of the Mountain"?

Uh, that would be me.

And now for a little bouncing on our fallen tree.
Quick, before it rots!

This ain't just any cowgirl.  It's Sheriff Brianna!
Wearing my Roy Rogers jacket-- circa 1956

No Grandpa, even your FIVE gallon hat blocks
my view.  How would I steer my horse?

When me and Grandma (the bad guys) hide from
the sheriff and deputy, they find me hiding on top
of the washing machine.  The jig is up.

The kids have filled this stack of four tires with
every ball on the playground.  What's next?
Why, dump them out, of course!

Hunter Talbert, the next big name in country music.
This is my guitar from childhood.  Just 4 strings
(for fewer mistakes).

When Hunter plays "War" he has a ritual of
counting all the cards he captures.  Impressive haul!

Evan and Claire get cozy for some vintage cartoons.

Loads of activity at Evan's little factory.
Including brain activity.

Scene 1: Grandma and  Claire sharing a book.

Scene 2: Evan can't resist joining in.

Scene 3: Our little monkeys enjoy reading about
Naughty Little Monkeys.  I wonder why.

Last week Claire's boots interfered with spinning
on the Sit-n-Spin.  Today, her ballerina slippers
are just perfect for the job.
And now, for February Family Night!
A favorite time of every month is when we get all
our families together, to enjoy a meal, some adult
conversation, and to watch the four kids play.

Hunter is entranced with an old Transformer.

Claire likes the "grabber."

It's meal time.  The kids engage in their own lively
conversation.  While us adults dine in the other room
we hear periodic hoots of laughter and uncontrolled
giggling.  We can only imagine.

All kinds of activities follow supper. Tracing and coloring
for the girls.  Hunter offers to show a few card tricks.
Evan's making up his mind.

Things are winding down.  Now it's time for the
"show" portion of "Dinner and a Show."

The aftermath of play in the living room.
Believe it or not, picking up the toys later
took us about five minutes.

Well, that's it for February and
Family Night.
From Little Mermaid Claire and
the rest of us, Sweet Dreams.