Saturday, August 27, 2016

Praying for Moore Schools

I was recently privileged to participate in a prayer event
directed at building up and supporting every school in 
Moore County.  Christians gathered at every campus on
a Sunday afternoon to pray for every aspect of the coming
school year.  The prayer guide below states the mission
of Praying Moore Schools.  Note their website, which I
encourage you to visit.

Did you realize we have this many schools in our
community? They sought to be inclusive of public schools,
Christian schools, and other private schools.  I would like
to add the numerous home schools to our prayer list.

I was impressed with the thoughtful manner
in which prayer needs were suggested, including items
 that adults, teens, and younger children might pray for.

As someone who has been a student, a parent,
and a teacher, I can vouch for the fact that prayer
is needed not only at the beginning of the school
year, but on a daily basis.  It is a myth that God is
not in our schools.  In fact, most teachers I know are
professing Christians.  It is also not widely known 
that our county has a written policy mandating a 
moment of silence in every classroom each morning.
While prayer cannot be dictated as the purpose,
parents should provide guidance to their children
in the use of that time, also bearing in mind that
children are in no way restricted from private prayer
during the school day.

I have no doubt that the efforts to educate, grow, 
and nurture thousands of children will prosper if
we all commit to undergirding them with prayer.