Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fleury, Kirby, Talbert, and Loyd: A reunion-- NOT a law firm

When you go as long as I have without posting a
blog update, you better have a good one.  And I do!
Here is some of the fun from a half-day romp with
seven kids and five adults from the Fleury (Taylor),
Kirby, Talbert, and Loyd families.

The kids take no time to warm up to each other.

These three kids are in toy heaven.

Three quickly turns into five-- we see
this pattern all day!

Evan and Hunter try and excel at the trick
I've been wanting the girls to try-- riding
the Sit-n-Spin together.  They take turns
being the "turner."

Then it's off to the stream.

The kids compared the walk down to a 
walk in the desert.  

But they were rewarded!
It was at least 10 degrees cooler at our destination.

Sticking our feet in is a good start.

What did I tell you?  All seven kids are
in this picture.  There's some kind of 
magnetic field, I think.

Elizabeth is the oldest and a bit bolder
than the others.

Evan realizes that even if he gets wet his
clothes will be dry in no time.  Plus, Grandma
will take care of him in a pinch.

Back at the house, it's almost lunchtime.
So let's see how close we can come to
falling in the pool.

Other attractions are nearby, too.

Only six here-- Elizabeth is off exploring.

 Oh, how refreshing.

Even the baby pool is an attraction because
they have permission to get in.

Our tube phone makes a nice little
scientific investigation.

Everybody has a good appetite for lunch.
Seven kids in the living room, five adults
in the dining room.  These kids are so
grown up lunch was a breeze-- with Judy
masterminding the meal.

I'm not sure Evan explained his fascination 
with Roy Rogers, but Elizabeth is a willing
disciple.  Note the matching shirts that my 
brother Buddy and I wore about 57 years ago.

Yes, even with this seemingly rambunctious
bunch, every one is a book lover.

Hmm.  Could Evan and Amelia have a 
slight crush on each other?

Evan and Amelia.

Evan and Amelia.

Evan and Amelia.

Taking a selfie and cranking up some music.

Yep, we had that much fun.  And we'll do
it again first chance we get!