Saturday, June 18, 2016

Judy and Ken Discover "Soup and More"

Our friends all know that when we travel we like to sniff out those special local places that have delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, and nothing remotely akin to the big chain fast food places.
Today we weren't traveling.  In fact, we were less than 4 miles from home, right on West Pennsylvania Avenue in Southern Pines, NC. WHAT A WONDERFUL MEAL!

The place is called Soup and More, but as we found it's MUCH more. 
 Their website on YELP will fill you in a little.

It's cozy but not crowded, clean, well-lit, and comfortable.
Some diners ate on the porch.  The wait staff is attentive
and superb, making a point to know each guest's name.
Special kudos to J.P. (as in J.P. Morgan)!

Yep, this sign is 100% accurate.  You'll see the menu
a little further along.

The restaurant is owned by two couples. One of the
owners is Sheldon Mooney (check out the Mooney
Burger on the menu).  I think I'm accurate in saying
that Sheldon returned to this area to head up the
cuisine at Little River Country Club in 2009.
Now, he and his partners are living the dream 
of having their own restaurant.

Judy had the toughest time selecting her favorite,
but settled on the three-salad plate.  It was no big
deal to sub a double portion of the chicken salad
and omit the egg salad. (This plate is huge!)

A saw a bunch of menu items that tempted me,
but the club sandwich won me over. It was as good as
it looks.  Some of my Atlanta readers will understand
when I say it's every bit as good as the famed
Stone Mountain Club at the Blue Ribbon Grill.
That's a high compliment.

This is not the full menu, but some of the most
poplular items.  I could eat here many times without

Here is the full menu.

Judy and I had strolled to our stream this morning
so I had my camera with me.  When I heard J.P. refer
to our "eclectic crowd" today, my light bulb lit up.
Where better to share this find than on my Eclectic Blog.
We give "Soup and More" Five Stars.

 Drop in soon and get acquainted.
Believe me, you'll find something you love.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Family Night Frolics

A monthly Family Night has been a wonderful "new"
tradition for the Loyd/Kirby/Talbert families the past
few years.  Each gathering is sure to create instant memories.

Let's pray.
"Okay, how about me first, you second, then him, then her.
No, how about YOU first, then left to right.  Or maybe
boys first, then girls.  Or . . ."

Eating may come first, but the evening is just as much
about play, and that means ANYTHING GOES!

 "What does it LOOK like we're doing?  We're COOKING!"

There's a fine line between
"Many hands make light work"
"Too many cooks spoil the broth."

Stephen is honored to be the first to try the
Mississippi Mud Pie.  Or whatever it is known as locally.

Matt takes one for the team in giving up his body for

Note:  they had to drag Matt in, kicking and screaming.

This little highlight clip is full of action.  Matt starts
out with the advantage, but is later overwhelmed by
sheer numbers.  Something akin to the strategy of
African Army Ants, I believe.  And did anyone hear
a whistle on that nifty tackle by Hunter?  I didn't think so.

One of the kids suggested we pull out an old box they
had played with a few weeks ago.  Somehow, the box
didn't have a lot of life left in it.  That didn't keep them
from inventing games with it.  But now we have a new box.

Claire, and later all four kids, enjoy trying to walk on cans,
a simple but challenging task.  It requires balance,
coordination, and perseverance.  Which is why I only 
took pictures.

 This may never succeed as a new way to play tag,
but it's very motivating to see how far you can walk
without falling.  And as the girls noted, it's tougher
on rough terrain than on pavement.  Though assuredly
easier on the knees.  

I'm exaggerating about the falls.  In fact, the girls
demonstrate astonishing mastery of this new mode 
of transportation.  I don't think it will replace the
Segway, but it cost zero cents to make.  8 cans from a
 recycling bin and a few feet of handy unused macrame cord.

Maybe your family would enjoy a family night.
If you try it, be sure to let me know how it turns out.
Happy trails!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mockingbird Calls Before Dawn

Disclaimer:  This is a mockingbird, but not one of ours.  It was DARK!

This morning I was up before dawn, and with our
windows open, the clear melodies of our resident
mockingbirds were striking.  It was dark, so I covered
the camera lens and just recorded the songs, one
after another.  The prolific repertoire of some mock-
ingbirds is legendary, and I think this one (plus some
backups) is auditioning for Songbirds Got Talent.
I taped for two minutes, then, smiling, went back to bed.