Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Announcing: Pinehurst # 11 Proposed "T-Town Tee-Time"

A new golf course is being proposed near Pinehurst,
right on the heels of the acquisition of the acclaimed
National Golf Course.  This one would not be in direct
competition with existing courses, but would be closely
aligned with the natural look Donald Ross envisioned,
which has only recently come back in vogue.  This 
course would incorporate all that is natural about the
sandhills and would be totally eco-friendly.  Little or
no water required.  In fact, the browner, the better.

The name for the new venture is still up in the air.
Mid-Murdocksville Links was suggested, but seemed
too long.  So the working project name will be:
T-Town Tee-Time.

Here are four of the proposed natural fairways.

Woe to the golfer who either hooks or slices!

The sandhills provide natural hazards and
challenges, which this course will fully utilize.

The obligatory "Snake Hole."
(Beware when retrieving your ball)

"The Thistle" Hole

"The Pine Stumper"

"Blackberry (B)ramble"

 "The Holly In(n)"

"Putt at Your Own Risk"
(Poison Ivy Hazard)

"Froggy Bottoms"

"Dry (sometimes) Hole"

"Waterfall Hazard"

"Lonely Island"
A tricky approach.

"(James) Tufts of Wiregrass"
Honoring the founder of Pinehurst

"Huckleberry Hacker"

"Scrub Oak Nightmare"

Difficult, but not impossible, as the previous
photo proved.

"Deer Wallow"
Classic sandhills sand.

"Hog Apple Thorn Hazard"

"The Anthill" or "The Antie Oakley"

"Prickly Pear Cactus"

"Out on a Limb"
Don't go for the wrong hole.

"Double Bogie Threat: Cactus AND Ants"

"Wisteria Maze"
If it takes you more than five minutes to find
your ball, it will be overgrown.

"Muscadine Tangle"

"Catbrier Calamity"

"Can't Help Ya Catalpa"

And for the final hole:
"The Rubba Duffer Tub"

At the end of the day, this is what it's all about.

Coming soon?