Monday, February 27, 2012

A Loyd Family Reunion: February 19, 2012

If you're a friend of the Loyd family but
not a family member, a glance at this first
picture might be enough to satisfy your
curiosity.  Then again, so many of my 
friends are like family, maybe you'll want
to keep reading.  If you do, I think you'll 
really enjoy the end.

This Loyd reunion was planned only three
weeks ago, and many of our youngest 
generation were not present.  But my
Mama Loyd's two surviving children and
six out of seven grandchildren were there,
as well as some new members of the family.

I won't identify everyone in this photo, though I
know a couple of friends who are going to inquire.
Some will be named in pictures that follow.

By a happy coincidence, my Aunt Frances was
celebrating her 84th birthday on this very day.
Since Daddy will be 98 in May, Frances is
still "baby sister" to him.

We had representatives of four generations to
sing and wish Frances a happy birthday.

Her daughter Vickie had thoughtfully arranged
the candles very close together.

Frances with her children Stan and Vickie,
my cousins.

Frances resignedly passes an old photo of mine to her
 youngest grandchild Lana and her new husband Phillip.
Why those gleeful expressions?

Well, it turns out Frances didn't know I had that
picture.  It's a four generation picture with Mama
Loyd (my grandmother) at Daytona Beach.

Here's the proof:  Mama Loyd had proudly
identified everyone on the back.

After an ample lunch at Picadilly Cafeteria in Chamblee,
Georgia, more photos were pulled out and passed about.
Here we're picking out those folks we know in a photo
of my home church, Prospect Methodist (now Chamblee
First United Methodist).  The occasion was the church's
125th anniversary in 1951-- two years before my birth.
I'll post it at a later date.

Vickie had plenty of pictures of the most recent
wedding to show us all.

Pictures are memories.  And sometimes we can
understand things we never knew before.

My dad, Marvin Loyd and his sister Frances are
delighted to have their pictures taken with these
fine young men.  Their mother is Anita and their
Grandpa is my cousin Terry.
Now let's take a step back in time
to put this reunion in perspective.
This is Mama and Papa Loyd in December
1963, at home on their 50th anniversary.

With Mama and Papa Loyd are their four children.
(L to R) Frances, Raymond, Herman, and Marvin.

All the grandchildren-- 49 years ago.  Starting on  the
left: (front) Stan, (back) Terry, Annette (unable to
attend this year), my big brother Ellis ("Buddy"),
Vickie, Me (Ken), and my younger sister Caryn.

Now roll 'em all together and you have the whole
Loyd clan in 1963.  This picture includes the spouses.

Fast forward 20 years and look what happened.
Actually this was probably 1984, based on Amanda
being born in December 1982.  Help me out, family.

Since I'm playing fast and loose with time
travel, let's zoom back before those last two
generations came into the world.  Here are
my grandparents, Joseph Carl Loyd and
Ethel Linnie Wright Loyd.  I would say they
got it all started, but as a genealogist, I know
they just kept it going.  And in future blogs
I'll detail those who came before for anyone
who is interested.  If you got this far, thank
you for your attention.  And if you did, you're
definitely considered family!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

F. G. on R. : Part FIVE-- Moving Day!

Evan seems pretty calm considering it's
MOVING DAY!  I'll leave it to Jennifer
to tell you about that later, but it meant
a fun half-day for me and Judy.
I'm a big boy.  I can play and have fun all by myself.

Hmm.  What are Claire and Grandma doing in there?

An attack toddler is all you really need for
a home security system.

Grandma and Claire are the first to try out my new
tire swing.  I'm SO proud of it.  I took the rim of an
old truck tire discarded at the dump, drilled holes in
it, and strung it up with some nylon rope I had gotten
at a yard sale years ago.

As Claire demonstrates, it can be for one OR two.
I don't plan to put the boys on it WITH the girls
until they can hold on more tightly.  But I think
even the boys can ride it if we keep it gentle.
The thing can be controlled by the rider and is
very versatile.  Stop by for a trial ride-- if you dare!

Kitty Cat says, "You won't catch me on that
contraption!" And he's probably right-- we won't
catch him on it.  But I bet he'll be on it whenever
we're not looking.  He's just that way.

But sometimes Kitty Cat lets people catch him.
Just to show he's a real cool cat.

The first picture of Kitty Cat showed him sunning
on top of my old '73 Mercury Montego station wagon.
I'm also allowing the kids to play in it under my
supervision.  All Evan needs is some Beach Boys music.

He's having too much fun.  Better hide those keys!

Claire had turned down the first offer to play in
the car, but her curiosity finally gets the better of her.
You may notice Kitty Cat's paw prints on the
windshield in all these car pictures.

It was a blustery, chilly morning, but that didn't
keep these two from cooking up some delights in
the kitchen.  For Claire, it was brownies.  As for
Evan, he never revealed what his concoction was.

After a special Grandma lunch of chicken nuggets,
french fries, mac and cheese, and grapes, we
delivered the tired and happy children to their new
home.  Not to steal Jennifer's thunder, but Judy and
I love it.  We got a quick tour.  The kids will have
great fun there.  But even more at G'ma and G'pa's!
That's just the way it is.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

F. G. on R. : Part Four

If you're a "regular" visitor to my blog,
you picked up on the abbreviated title 
(see parts 1, 2, and 3).  These pictures
are from two different occasions with
Brianna and Hunter.
Hunter arrived early at our house, still in his pajamas.
Soon he was surrounded by his favorite books, toys,
and games.  And balancing precariously on the edge!

Hunter's always been enthralled by this ball raceway.
We recently acquired more of the right size balls for
this contraption, and he was chunking them in one
after another.

So what do you do with a container when your snack
is gone?  Here's one possibility.

And here's another.

Like most children, Brianna delights in dreaming up
uses for toys that were never intended.  I suppose she
was waiting for me or Judy to caution her not to sit
on this thing, but we never did.  I was, however,
ready to call in all the king's horses and men if she
took a tumble.  Hunter would've helped, too.


Officer, I know this is Pinehurst, but I was
only doin' 15.

The rest of this batch of pictures is from Bri and
Hunter's house.  I wasn't sure why this stool was
turned upside down until I observed Hunter climb
over it, come out on the other side, then turn
around and go back.  His version of an obstacle
course, I guess.

Fully adorned with all her jewelry and a purse full
of necessities and valuables, Bri is off for a trip to
the store.  I wonder what she'll bring us.

No naps were on schedule this day, so the kids knew
that a trip upstairs could be strictly for play.  Bri
slowed down long enough to display her deeply
ingrained maternal instincts.

Hunter says, "Take your picture, quick.  I have
two babies to put in the crib." And he did!

My old knees were thankful for thick carpet.  We
were quite rambunctious, rolling and tumbling on
the floor.  And when I turned into a crocodile, Bri
had to get under the crib to escape.  You never saw
anyone laugh so much at a man-eating reptile.

When Daddy got home from work, it was time for
Grandma and Grandpa to pack up and head home.
Stephen explained the phrase that Bri excitedly
called out to him as soon as she saw him:
I-Pod, I-Pod, I-Pod!!!
What a nice welcome home.  Then she kindly
demonstrated to me and Judy how utterly far
behind we are on technology.  I wonder how
much she'll charge for tutoring.

February Grandkids on Review: Part THREE

Proceeding on to my chronicling of
February quality time with all the 
grandchildren, it's Claire and Evan's
turn again. This was on a special Friday.
Evan shows Grandma Claire's "Bingo" puppy dog
  puppet.  We have resolved  to create more paper
sack puppets one day soon.

Claire loves the way her rocking horse moves
about on their hardwood floors.  That thing had
better be glad she doesn't have spurs!

During our day together, we took the kids to Camelot
Park not once, not twice, but three times.  We had
our reasons.  Here, Evan and Grandma survey their
kingdom from on high.

No backseat drivers here.  They're both steering
for all they're worth.  Out of our way!!

Grandma offers prove that sliding is for all ages.
Well, actually, grandpa is the only one who didn't slide.

Claire's always up for action.

While Evan is a little more reluctant.

"I'm with you, Grandpa.  We need to act our age!"

At two-and-a-half, Claire can navigate
every playspace Camelot has to offer.

The kids call this "the trampoline."  It is bouncy,
and Evan wisely waited until Claire had moved on
before he climbed aboard.  But actually, she did
rejoin him later and they both balanced very well.

If you haven't visited Camelot Park, you're missing
one of the great free resources for families in the
Pinehurst area.

This shot doesn't just feature Claire swinging: it's a
closeup of her glow-in-the-dark airplane shirt.  That
gets worn almost every day it's not in the laundry.
She should wear it out about the time she's ready for
the next size up.

These final two photos demonstrate that the Ev-man
is always smiling.  Whether sailing through the air . . .

or driving SOLO for the first time.
Put the pedal to the metal, Evan!

More February pictures still to come.  If you're too
busy to view them, I'll look at them a little extra for you.