Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cub Scout Pack 582 is Back for Labor of Love on the SFL Nature Trail

Saturday, April 12, 2014, the young men
of Cub Scout Pack 582 gathered once again
to labor on the Sandhills Farm Life Nature Trail.
They constructed three new benches, posted new
instructional signs, and got an early spring tour
of their nature trail.  It was a great morning of
work, fellowship, and learning.  They would leave
the trail in the best shape it's ever been in.

Jack, Will, and Tom is a lofty perch if you're
big enough to climb up.

Digging holes for the hickory supports for the new
benches is hard work.

The boys transplanted three clusters of a dainty
plant called Green and Gold.  Now the plants won't
be trampled by hikers coming through or sitting on the
new bench.

These things must be done delicately.

Assisted by the faithful Moms and Dads of the Pack,
each boy had his hand at digging, hauling, and
assembling during the morning.

Gloves and Phillips screwdrivers go together well
to accomplish the task.

Here will be the new Rock Cycle instructional sign.
Appropriately near Big Rock, a quartz extrusion of
the McLendon Fault, which runs deep under this
portion of Moore County.

The two new benches at streamside near Big Rock
create a natural teaching station for classrooms.

It's a good idea to take turns digging and resting.

This sign is in just the right place.
Here are the four new instructional signs.
Each is a suitable launching point for a
nature lesson on any grade level.

The finishing touches of the new bench beside
Jack, Will, and Tom.

This can serve either as a teaching station or
just a nice spot for a rest.

Scout projects are all about teamwork.

Plus patience and perseverance.

Big Rock is always a tempting destination.  And it
has been for 40 years.  Now the rain has washed this
old log onto the rock.

Who volunteers to help move the log?
I DO!  I DO!

And the team gets it done.  Now this log, which is
the only remnant of a gigantic tree which fell more than
20 years ago, becomes a teaching station in itself.

Getting over here was one thing.  Getting back and
staying dry is another matter.  But we like a challenge.

When work is done, there's time for play.  Such as
trying to climb Old Man Poplar.

This seems like a good spot to camp for the night.

As a special reward for their hard work, I take the
pack across the old bridge into "No Man's Land."

An up-and-coming Cub Scout to be likes
the new nature signs.

Ah, there's no place for a group picture than
Big Rock!

Everybody give the Cub Scout sign.

The nice new benches are built to stand the test
of time.  Come and try them out.

The benches look even better when in use by a
fine-looking crew from Pack 582.
The trail will grow more and more beautiful
as spring progresses.  Plan to come by sometime
soon and enjoy the latest improvements in a
most serene setting.
And a big salute to Pack 582 who made it all happen!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Videos of Spring Fun

In this role-playing video, Claire and Evan
are the Mommy and Daddy.  I am the naughty
baby.  When I won't stop taking a video I am
threatened severely with a spanking.  Dare
to discipline!

Somehow, Hunter makes friends with a 
little cricket.  Instead of jumping away, it
crawls right onto his hand and stays there
until he releases it.

 Yes, we have this much fun all the time!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Springing into Spring: March-April Action

Here are action pictures from the last month.
Cowboys and Cowgirls are a big thing now.

Claire loves Cowgirl Callie on TV.
I love Cowgirl Claire!

Evan is a tough cowpoke, too.

Stick 'em up, Grandma.  Where are the snacks?

Take careful aim . . .

Here are two toy guns from my childhood days,
a Paris rifle (Kadets of America) and a double
barrel shotgun.

Pirates are still popular, too.

One of the last days we had frost I saw this
spider web freshly frosted.  Hope that spider
found refuge.

Hunter mingles trucks, factories, creepy crawlers
knights, and Superman.  What an imagination!

Bri observes that Hunter has to sample each
of Grandma's sugar cookies.

Hunter displays his new friend-- a cricket.

I brought this antique phone back from Atlanta for
a toy.  Bri turns it into the first "mobile phone."
Which means I get to carry it and follow her around.

That spurs me to improve the model by putting
it in a wagon.  What a conversation she's having!

Evan waits patiently while Hunter dumps out some sand.

Bri meets a new friend on "the web" at Camelot.

Before we depart from Camelot we get all four
kids together briefly.

Seen any bad guys?

Tis the season for egg hunts again.

Grandma always hides candy in some of the eggs.

We found 'em all.  Let's hide 'em again!

From my world class stamper collection.

"If you liked these, Grandpa's going
to post some funny videos soon."

Y'all come back!