Friday, March 10, 2017

Small Street Cafe and B&B, Pittsboro-- Nothing like it!

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In Pittsboro, NC, there's a street called Small Street.
On that street is the Small Street Cafe.
And the Small Street Bed & Breakfast.
And now the Small Museum.
You'll have to see it to appreciate it.

Not only are the people there our kind of people.
The food is our kind of food.  Simple, farm to table, special.
And the humor is our (my) kind of humor.
Yep.  We're all about eating local(s) when in season.

Ditto this.

The decor and ambience are everything you'd expect
in an artsy little town this close to Chapel Hill

Don't let the slightly "untended" look throw you off.
It's just that they've got better things to do.  Like cook.
And just enjoy what they're doing

Here's your welcome to the cafe.  Dine in or out.

Here's the Bed and Breakfast.  What you see is what 
you get.  But don't be fooled.  TripAdvisor. com
has 53 ratings.  The average?  FIVE STARS.

Not sure what this "Guest House" is all about, but
I imagine these fine people have all kinds of drop-in
friends all through the year.

A sample of the landscaping and yard art.

This is the entrance to the Small Museum.
Its full name is the Small Museum of Folk Art
and it is now open on Saturdays and Sundays.
Hours are on the link at the top of the blog.
We'll go back to see it sometime.

Is the saying "Art imitates life" or "Life imitates art?"
It would seem to work either way here. Eat your
meal in a large sewer pipe if you get the urge.

The full menu is on the website, but you may be able
to read this. Reasonable prices and portions.  

Rather than getting a sandwich, I put together a meal
from three side dishes: sauteed chicken ($3!), smashed
potato ($2) and egg salad ($2.50).  All were simply great.

Judy stared with a big bowl of oatmeal and I urged
her to get one more thing afterward, just for variety.
She got this soup and raved about it.  She knows her soups,
and this one was prepared right!

We've got several other places in Chapel Hill, Pittsboro,
and Sanford where we have enjoyed fine meal on our
journeys north.  So it's a credit to the folks at Small 
Street that as Judy and I were leaving we had already 
decided to eat here again at the very first opportunity.
There are still a lot of new things to try.
Highly recommended!

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