Monday, October 15, 2012

Hunter's 2nd Birthday Blog!

With four grandchildren, a birthday is always
on the horizon.  The latest celebrity was Hunter,
who just turned TWO.  Wow, I feel like I've 
known him forever!  And I'm sure he'd say the 
same about me.  : )

Grandma lights the candles on a small
cupcake celebration at our house.

The official party was that Saturday at Hunter's house.
Creative Mom Amanda came up with this construction
themed cake.  So if you ever make a cake that looks like
this (accidentally) just slap some tractors on that baby.

Dad Stephen says, "Just fire away, son.
Anywhere but the big screen TV."

Bri gives Dad two options: catch it or swallow it!

Bri greets Matt, Jennifer, Claire, and Evan.  Now
we can party!  Only Evan stays homed in on the camera.

Grandpa gets a group hug from all four grands.  Yep,
there are four, but you can only see Evan's feet!

See, there's Evan.  Just waiting for an opening.

And though we all look a little frazzled, like we've
been out on the town all night, the party's just begun.

Think somebody's ready for a little birthday cake?
Hunter and Evan stick close to Grandpa.
You won't hear any complaints from me!
 Bri puts on quite a display of acrobatic moves.

I think she's showing Oma (Leila) and Lauren
how a butterfly comes out of a cocoon. 

Hunter tries to get Evan to practice high-fivin'.
But, again, Evan's focused on that camera.

Hunter sure is glad to have an agreeable
hand-slapping partner.

Here we are, waiting for presents or food,
whichever comes first.

So, it's presents first.  Note the book at center:
"It's My Turn."  Aren't we grandparents subtle?

I've never seen better form for blowing out candles.
You'd think he's been doing it all his life.
And Amanda, this is the closest I came to getting a
picture of you.  Sorry!

But I will give some props to Super-Mom Amanda,
who figured out how to give Hunter a polka dot cake.

Claire AND Bri: (thinking) "What does it take
to get a little service around this joint?"

Hunter decides the very center of those
polka dots probably taste best.

After the refreshments, the kid activity moves outdoors.
Let's burn off that sugar, guys!

Hunter loves cruising the yard with this rusty old
Tonka toy rescued from the dump.

The girls may have the motorized vehicle, but the
boys are in hot pursuit.
It was truly joyful to see the exuberance of this
crew that day.  And we see it EVERY single
time we get together!  WHEE!
Happy Birthday, Hunter!  And Evan, get ready!

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Pat McFadyen said...

Hi, Ken,
I truly enjoyed (vicariously) the birthday party! Your pictures and comments are great! What a blessing your family is!
Pat McFadyen