Friday, May 8, 2009

Brianna Goes Visiting

I'm no dummy. I know that more people read my blog when it's about Brianna than when I write about dragons or hobbits. And that suits me just fine. And Jennifer and Amanda are doing a great job of referring their readers to my blog when I have new pics--like today!

Thursday Amanda brought Brianna to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the first time. At almost three weeks of age she's staying awake more, showing more interest in her surroundings, and having new experiences every day. This is the age when changes happen daily. Each month, or even each week will offer its own "firsts."
Brianna was still asleep in her car seat/carrier when she arrived. Here, she is "The Sheik of Araby."

When Amanda took her out, I said, "Let me get your picture--this might be the last time you get to hold her for a while!"

And it was. It's only fair that Judy gets to be first. At least that's what she told us.

Nobody can convince me that this spoils babies!

I was next. I was singing "The Wheels on the Bus", but I think Brianna was doing knick-knack paddy whack, give the dog a bone, this old man came rolling home. Whatever.

Brianna was exercising her little arms and legs a lot today. But she couldn't escape--yet.

This picture just invites captions. Maybe you'd like to suggest one! (See "comments")

Christy saw Amanda's car in the driveway and knew what that meant. Last time Christy stopped by, Amanda was here, but she still had a basketball in her tummy.

Somehow Judy got her back and tried out the porch swing. It was a big hit.

Woodburning season ended just in time--a few short weeks ago the porch was stacked with firewood and the swing was in storage.

I soon got Brianna back and tried out the North Carolina rocker my colleagues gave me for retirement. She liked it just fine.
Two reasons we needed this photo, which is very similar to the previous one. First, I had Brianna "pointing" in the wrong direction to show her face, and second, Amanda wanted to make sure Stephen could see both words on the back of the rocker.
It's always a good time to practice the Carolina fight song. After all, they've won more national championships than any other ACC team. Go Tar Heels!, Brianna appears to be thinking.
You don't think I'll ever get tired of this, do you?
Hope this blog brightens your day. Seeing Amanda and Brianna always brightens ours!


Amanda said...

Photo caption:
"This is my best impression of what a fish looks like!"

Sorry, it was the best I could come up with.

Ken Loyd said...

Pretty good. So far, you're in first place! Thanks!