Monday, May 4, 2009

Brianna Observes Sunday Lunch

Amanda brought Brianna for her first Sunday lunch at Great grandparents Jack and Thelma. Trouble was, we just couldn't interest her in chicken and rice, broccoli with cheese sauce, or even brownies!

Renee is first in line to hold Brianna this Sunday.

Emma's first time holding little Brianna. Don't worry- she won't break.

Jessie likes the idea of having second-cousins! Brianna is here, and Claire is waiting in the wings!

Finally, Brianna gets back to Great Grandma.

Great Grandpa says there's nothing sweeter than a newborn baby--that's not crying!

Brianna, if you were a little older, I know you'd be going after these earrings!

I don't mind being last. Just so I get a turn!

Everybody got to hold Brianna during Sunday lunch except for Amanda. But then, she got to take her home!


jennifer said...

I'm really glad you're so good about taking pictures of Brianna!

Ken Loyd said...

I do what I can!